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Product Category£º  Battery Chargers / Flashights >> EN-77112
Product NO£ºEN-77112
Model Number£ºEN-77112
Nominal Voltage£º6.0v
Carton Load£º360pcs
Gross Weight£º14.7kg
Dimension £º33.5*32*20.5


1) Disposable

2) Compatible for Nokia, Motorolla, Siemens, Samsung, and all cell phones

3) Small and light weight power pack fits easily in your glove box, briefcase,

    pocket, or purse

4) Makes sure you can send and receive those important calls, even if your

    cell phone battery running out

5) Provides up to 2 hours of talking time and 48 hours of standby time

6) With a shelf life of 5 years, our unit is the perfect emergency power




1) Battery contains no lead, mercury, nor cadmium, so it is 100%

    environmentally friendly

2) Charge your mobile phone on the road without bulk transformer

3) Voltage: 6V - 6.3V

4) Charger Weight: 18g


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