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Add:1118,Taibang Building,Nanshan District,Shenzhen P.R.C
Tel:+86-755-26077762, 86006961
Mail:salesmanager@eunicell.com กกchinabatterya@vip.126.com


Our mission: create value and create satisfaction. All Euni people, Euni families, Euni customers and fellows around Euni are team working and hardworking, enjoying beautiful lives. Euni has a positive influence upon Chinese nation, even upon the world.

Hardworking is to do small things in the broader perspective, to work down to the earth, to make progress every day, to purse perfect. As our fine tradition, prudence and pragmatism are both industrial requirements and the foundation for excellent performance.

Honesty is to devote themselves to their duties, to be clean and efficient, to gather limited financial power to develop the company at a maximum extent. Credit and simplicity are guidelines of relationship between employees and employees, employees and the company, also is the necessarily basic morality of Euni people.