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CR2032-2T lithium

Eunicell Lithium Battery – 3V . CMOS Backup

CR2032-2T , 3V lithium with tabs


Eunicell Lithium Battery – 3V . CMOS Backup

1 x CR2032 with 5mm Tabs / Pins . 

Package includes:

1 x Eunicell CR2032 with Tabs Lithium Battery

Battery Specs:

100% Brand New Authentic Eunicell Batteries in bulk packaging

These batteries are great for main boards, CMOS Backup, PDA’s, watches and other items that require this type tabs

These batteries have 5mm tabs and have plastic around the edges to prevent the battery from shorting out.

These batteries come in a hard plastic trey to make sure it arrives in perfect condition.
Size: CR2032 (with Tabs)
Voltage: 3V
Chemistry: Lithium
Diameter: 20 mm
Height: 3.2 mm

These batteries were manufactured less then a year a go and they have a storage time of over 5 years so they are 100% fresh. There is no expiry date print on the packaging.