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CR15270 CR2

Eunicell CR15270  CR2  3V lithium batteries



Eunicell Primary Lithium Cylindrical Batteries 3.0Voltage 

Modern metering and security automotive applications like energy meters, water meters, gas meters, heat cost allocators, medical pipets, sensors and alert systems, home security sensors and sensor networks, automotive car alarm backup, road toll and e-call systems require a highly reliable energy source for optimum performance. 

For all of these applications Eunicell offers a complete range of Lithium primary round cells and battery packs in two families. 

The CR1/2AA CR14250 , CR2/3AA  CR14335, CRAA  CR14505 and 
CR2/3A  CR17335 mass series with highest capacity for all kinds of backup applications and the  CR123A and CR2 coiled high energy series for high discharge currents in communication and wireless sensor applications.