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AA LR6 Alkaline

Eunicell AA LR6 MN1500 1.5V Alkaline Battery 

Eunicell batteries are available in Double A (AA), Triple A (AAA), C, D and 9V sizes.



Eunicell AA LR6 MN1500 1.5V Alkaline Battery 


Battery Size: AA  LR6
Battery Chemistry: Alkaline Manganese Dioxide 
Nominal Voltage: 1.5V
Capacity: 2600mAh (10mA, 24h/d, 20℃, e.v.= 0.8V)
Operating Temperature: -40°C to 60°C
Shelf Life: 3~5 Years

HS Code: 8506101210

After 12 months storage at specified conditions, discharge capacity should be no less than 80% of the original discharge capacity.

AA  LR6  battery (D*H) : 14.5*50.5 mm

Package:  blister card, shrink, box, clamshell


CD Video game
Digital recorder
Radio  CLock  Remote
Remote control



What is a AA Battery?

A Eunicell AA battery is composed of a single electrochemical cell that may be either a primary battery (disposable) or a rechargeable battery. It is dependable, and provides long-lasting power for devices such as toys, flashlights, smoke detectors and more. They're more effective, and their secure seal provides excellent resistance to leakage and corrosion. Their performance at low temperatures is superior to that of other conventional aqueous electrolyte primary cells. Eunicell AA batteries can be composed of alkaline, lithium, carbon-zin, zinc-chloride, or NiMH. 

Eunicell AA battery equivalents: LR6, D14, Size 15, or R6. The Zinc Chloride version of the AA battery is also refered to as a "high power" HP7 model.