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Get to know Eunicell and our other Alkaline batteries

Eunicell Batteries:

The average alkaline AAA, AA, C, D, 9-volt or button-coin cell battery is made of steel and a mix of zinc/manganese/potassium/graphite, with the remaining balance made up of paper and plastic. Being non-toxic materials, all of these battery “ingredients” are conveniently recyclable. For more recycling information, visit our Battery Recycling page. For more details of exactly what is inside a battery, check out our Battery Chemistry page.


What are the parts of a battery?

Seven different components make up a typical household battery: container, cathode, separator, anode, electrodes, electrolyte, and collector. Each element has its own job to do, and all the different parts of a battery working together create the reliable and long-lasting power you rely on every day.